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Mucky Nutz Chainstay & Cable Rub Patches
  • Chainstay and cable rub patches are manufactured from military grade Polyurethane material which is highly resistant to abrasion and impact
  • Quick and easy to install and remove
  • Completely clear with no printed text or logos
  • Universal fitting
  • Chainstay and cable rub set includes 1 cleansing pad, 2 cable rub patches, and 1 chainstay protector patch
  • Cable Rub Patch set includes 1 cleansing pad and 6 cable rub patches
  • Chainstay protector measures 230mm in length by 30mm in height
  • Cable rub protector measures 35mm in length and 25mm in height
item # description color in stock?
DetailsMV-0090 chainstay & cable rub patches clear YES
DetailsMV-0091 cable rub patches clear YES