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Galfer Disc Brake Pads
  • Replacement disc pads with high performance compounds
  • Standard compound is suitable for all conditions and perfectly balanced in terms of power, noise and durability
  • Pro compound is suited for DH/aggressive use where the brakes are subject to maximum levels of heat
item # fits compound in stock?
DetailsGL-4202 Avid Elixir, SRAM XX/XO standard YES
DetailsGL-4204 Avid Elixir, SRAM XX/XO pro YES
DetailsGL-4206 Avid Juicy, BB-7 standard YES
DetailsGL-4208 Avid Juicy, BB-7 pro YES
DetailsGL-4210 Formula Mega/One/R1/C1 standard YES
DetailsGL-4212 Formula Mega/One/R1/C1 pro YES
DetailsGL-4214 Hayes G1/G2/MX-1 standard YES
DetailsGL-4216 Hayes G1/G2/MX-1 pro YES
DetailsGL-4218 Hope Tech V2 standard YES
DetailsGL-4220 Hope Tech V2 pro YES
DetailsGL-4226 Magura MT series standard YES
DetailsGL-4228 Magura MT series pro YES
DetailsGL-4222 09+ Marta+SL, 07+ Louise+BAT standard YES
DetailsGL-4224 09+ Marta+SL, 07+ Louise+BAT pro YES
DetailsGL-4230 Magura Marta, Marta SL (-2008) standard YES
DetailsGL-4232 Magura Marta, Marta SL (-2008) pro YES
DetailsGL-4238 Shimano M988/985/980/785/666 standard YES
DetailsGL-4240 Shimano M988/985/980/785/666 pro YES
DetailsGL-4242 Shimano M975/965/800/775/665 standard YES
DetailsGL-4244 Shimano M975/965/800/775/665 pro YES
DetailsGL-4246 Shimano M525/515+LA/475 standard YES
DetailsGL-4248 Shimano M525/515+LA/475 pro YES
DetailsGL-3600 SRAM Guide, Avid Trail standard YES
DetailsGL-3602 SRAM Guide, Avid Trail pro YES
DetailsGL-3608 SRAM Red22, Force, Rival standard NO
DetailsGL-3609 SRAM Red22, Force, Rival pro YES
DetailsGL-4234 Tektro IO Novela standard YES