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Hope Factory Disc Pads
  • 2004 through current Hope pads (for prior years/models see EBC and others options)
  • Includes all springs and clips
item # fits compound in stock?
DetailsHT-0691 2014 E4 organic YES
DetailsHT-0692 2014 E4 sintered YES
DetailsHT-0693 2014 V4 organic YES
DetailsHT-0694 2014 V4 sintered YES
DetailsHT-0695 09+ Tech X2, 09+ Race X2 organic YES
DetailsHT-0697 09+ Tech X2, 09+ Race X2 sintered YES
DetailsHT-0746 09+ Tech V2, 07/08 Moto-V2/FR organic YES
DetailsHT-0748 09+ Tech V2, 07/08 Moto-V2/FR sintered YES
DetailsHT-0701 04-08 Mono-Mini organic YES
DetailsHT-0703 04-08 Mono-Mini sintered YES
DetailsHT-0735 04-08 Mono-M6/6Ti organic YES
DetailsHT-0737 04-08 Mono-M6/6Ti sintered YES