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Hayes Transport Clip    
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Hayes Complete Calipers    
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Hayes Caliper Parts
  • Hayes service parts for calipers
  • Rebuild kits include: (2) caliper pistons with square profile seals, transfer port o-ring, and caliper bleeder with cap
item # model description package in stock?
  HY-8431 Dominion A2 caliper rebuild kit each NO
  HY-8436 Stroker Carbon/Trail caliper rebuild kit each NO
  HY-8434 Hayes G2,G1* caliper rebuild kit each YES
Pistons/seals kit will also fit G1 (orig/DH/FR) calipers, but caliper bleeder is incorrect
  HY-8422 HFX-Mag/9 (G2), El Camino, Sole, Stroker caliper bleeder + cap each YES
Not compatible with Generation-1 (G1) calipers, use: HY-8423
  HY-8426 Stroker series caliper bridge bolt each YES
Hayes Lever Pivot Parts    
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Hayes Fork/Frame Adapters    
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