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Yokozuna Brake Pad Inserts
  • Yokozuna inserts feature Scott-Mathauser Generation X compounds
  • Legendary Scott-Mathauser brake shoes have been the standard in brake performance for decades
  • Salmon color compound: feature an updated iron-oxide formula for superior stopping power in all conditions. Provide excellent braking without the abrasiveness of other severe condition brake pads
  • Black color compound: features a softer Gen-X compound for great all-weather braking. Slightly less stopping power than the Salmon but has greater modulation
item # description model compound in stock?
DetailsYK-6341 Gen-X Road Shimano/SRAM salmon YES
DetailsYK-6342 Gen-X Road Shimano/SRAM black YES
DetailsYK-6361 Gen-X Mountain Shimano/SRAM salmon YES
DetailsYK-6362 Gen-X mountain Shimano/SRAM black YES