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eeBrake Road Caliper
  • Half the weight of its competitors, with dramatically higher overall stiffness providing better modulation and more power
  • Available in regular and direct mount options
  • G4: 4th generation model, revised center adjuster, new machining and allows 19-28mm rim width usage
  • Tool-less adjustability provides super precision and pad motion, with no annoying pad rub and constant need to re-center
  • Quick strut release opens wide enough to easily clear a 28mm tire allowing easy wheel removal
  • Optimized to work with Shimano, Campagnolo, and SRAM levers
  • Shimano style pads not included
item # wheel reach color weight in stock?
DetailsDC-41315 front regular G4 39-49mm black 82g YES
DetailsDC-41335 rear regular G4 39-49mm black 80g YES
DetailsDC-41345 front direct mount G4 39-49mm black 78g YES
DetailsDC-41355 rear direct mount G4 39-49mm black 78g YES