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4-Jeri Chains
4-Jeri Gang Chain
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4-Jeri Chain Tensioners
Absolute Black Chain Guides
Absolute Black Oval Bash Guide
  • Designed specifically for oval chainrings, keeping your chain secure at every single crank position. Also works with round rings
  • Includes integrated taco
  • Features a unique adjustable chainline from 48-53mm making it compatible with standard and Boost setups
  • Fits 26-34T oval or 28-36T round chainrings
  • Backplate is 7075 aluminum, cage and bash plate are GF + PA66 polymer composite, bolts are titanium T25
item # model range mount color weight in stock?
  AI-5605 Oval Bash Guide ISCG05 26-34T oval or 28-36T round ISCG-05 black 69g YES
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