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Rock Shox Tuning Springs
  • Standard spring rates (unless stated otherwise): x-soft (<140lb), soft (140-160lb), med/stock (160-180lb), firm (180-200lb), x-firm (200lb+)
  • 2006-2013 BoXXer Race, Team, R2C2 Coil: single-sided spring design (sizing next to year designates stanchion diameter)
  • 2007+ Domain/Totem & Lyrik (fixed 180mm & 170mm travel) single-sided spring with preload spacer option: x-soft (<140lb), soft (140-160lb), medium (160-180lb), firm (180-200lb), x-firm (200lb+)
  • 2007+ Argyle (fixed 100mm travel) forks: single-sided spring
  • 2010 Tora XC,SL forks: single-sided spring fixed to lower shaft assembly (not compatible with 2009 or older Tora fork models and only stocking 100mm aftermarket travel - no OEM 80mm or 120mm travel at this time)
  • 2006+ Tora, 2007+ Recon (fixed 80/100mm, 120mm travel) forks: single-sided spring
item # year model rate in stock?
DetailsRS-3755 2010-15 (35mm) BoXXer Race,Team, Domain Dual Crown (203mm) X-soft/silver YES
DetailsRS-3756 2010-15 (35mm) BoXXer Race,Team, Domain Dual Crown (203mm) soft/yellow NO
DetailsRS-3757 2010-15 (35mm) BoXXer Race,Team, Domain Dual Crown (203mm) firm/blue YES
DetailsRS-3758 2010-15 (35mm) BoXXer Race,Team, Domain Dual Crown (203mm) X-firm/black YES
DetailsRS-3759 2010-15 (35mm) BoXXer Race,RC,Team,RC2C (203mm) preload spacers (4/pak) YES
DetailsRS-3754 10-15 (35mm) BoXXer Team (203mm) DropStop tuning bumper YES
DetailsRS-3160 07-13 Totem (fixed 180mm) X-soft/silver* YES
DetailsRS-3161 07-13 Totem (fixed 180mm) soft/yellow* YES
DetailsRS-3163 07-13 Totem (fixed 180mm) firm/blue* YES
DetailsRS-3164 07-13 Totem (fixed 180mm) X-firm/black* YES
DetailsRS-3170 07-15 Domain (fixed 180mm) X-soft/white YES
DetailsRS-3171 07-15 Domain (fixed 180mm) soft/yellow NO
DetailsRS-3173 07-15 Domain (fixed 180mm) firm/blue YES
DetailsRS-3151 07-16 Domain, Lyrik 26" (180/170mm) preload spacers (pr) YES
DetailsRS-3780 10-14 Lyrik (fixed 170mm) X-soft/silver YES
DetailsRS-3781 10-15 Lyrik (fixed 170mm) soft/yellow YES
DetailsRS-3782 10-15 Lyrik (fixed 170mm) firm/blue YES
DetailsRS-3783 10-15 Lyrik (fixed 170mm) X-firm/black YES
DetailsRS-3176 07-15 Argyle (fixed 100mm) soft/yellow YES
DetailsRS-3178 07-15 Argyle (fixed 100mm) firm/blue YES
DetailsRS-3179 07-15 Argyle (fixed 100mm) X-firm/black YES
DetailsRS-3169 07-15 Argyle (fixed 100mm) XX-firm/pink YES
DetailsRS-3188 2010-15 Tora/Recon XC,SL,Silver (fixed 100mm) X-soft/silver YES
DetailsRS-3189 2010-15 Tora/Recon XC,SL,Silver (fixed 100mm) soft/yellow YES
DetailsRS-3190 2010-15 Tora/Recon XC,SL, Silver (fixed 100mm) firm/blue YES
DetailsRS-3191 2010-15 Tora/Recon XC,SL,Silver (fixed 100mm) X-firm/black YES
DetailsRS-3157 2009 Tora +XC,SL (fixed 120mm) soft/yellow YES
DetailsRS-3158 2009 Tora +XC,SL (fixed 120mm) firm/blue NO
DetailsRS-3185 2009 Tora XC,SL (fixed 80/100mm) soft/yellow YES
DetailsRS-3186 2009 Tora XC,SL (fixed 80/100mm) firm/blue YES
DetailsRS-3187 2009 Tora XC,SL (fixed 80/100mm) X-firm/black YES
DetailsRS-3140 06-11 Tora 289,302 (fixed 80/100mm) soft/yellow YES
DetailsRS-3142 06-11 Tora 289,302 (fixed 80/100mm) firm/blue YES
DetailsRS-3143 06-11 Tora 289,302 (fixed 80/100mm) X-firm/black NO