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Manitou McLeod Air Shock
  • Ideal for XC, Trail and Enduro type riding
  • Four external compression settings
  • Black hard anodized 7050 aerospace aluminum
  • 15mm mounting hardware sets sold separately (2 mount sets required per shock: 1 for each eyelet)
  • 272g @ 1.25x6.0" size without mounting hardware
item # stroke eye-eye in stock?
DetailsAP-5610 1.25" (32mm) 6.0" (152mm) YES
DetailsAP-5611 1.5" (38mm) 6.5" (165mm) YES
DetailsAP-5612 2.0" (50mm) 7.5" (190mm) YES
DetailsAP-5613 2.0" (50mm) 7.875" (200mm) NO
DetailsAP-5614 2.25" (56mm) 7.875" (200mm) YES
DetailsAP-5615 2.50" (63mm) 8.5" (216mm) YES
DetailsAP-5630 40mm 190mm YES
DetailsAP-5631 45mm 190mm YES
DetailsAP-5632 50mm 210mm YES
DetailsAP-5633 55mm 210mm YES
DetailsAP-5634 60mm 230mm YES
DetailsAP-5635 65mm 230mm NO