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Project 321 Lefty Hubs
  • Comes with a hub cap (reverse threaded) and Ti bolt which install this a standard M10 allen wrench
  • Flange angles that allow the spokes to only touch at the bend of the spoke and no where else to create a more stable wheel and eliminate unnecessary stress on the spoke
  • Rotor bolt holes are form tapped which creates a stronger, cleaner thread than the more common method of cut tapping
  • Comes standard with 2 High Precision Japanese Cartridge bearings
  • Made in the USA
item # f/r axle/spacing (mm) hole color weight in stock?
DetailsPT-0050 front Lefty 1.0 32h black 126.9g YES
DetailsPT-2000 front Lefty 1.0 32h black 126.9g NO
DetailsPT-2001 front Lefty 2.0 Supermax 32h black 129.5g YES
Project 321 Front Disc Hubs    
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Project 321 Rear Disc Hubs    
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