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Industry Nine Torch FatBike Disc Hubs
  • Featuring all the advantages of the Torch freehub, designed specifically for FatBike applications
  • Angled flanges for lower spoke stress and large diameter disc flange improves wheel stiffness and brake torque transfer
  • 6-pawl, 120-point 3 degree engagement cassette mechanism with oversized axles
  • 6-bolt/44mm-BCD International Standard disc mounting dimensions
  • Front: endcaps available for 10x135mm QR RDS (Rear disc offset spacing), 15x135mm, 15x142mm and 15x150mm sold separately
  • Use # XN-6165 for XD-11 conversion
  • 170mm hub platform convertible to 12x177mm sold separately, use # XN-6163
  • 190mm hub platform convertible to 12x197mm sold separately, use # XN-6163
  • *Shimano/SRAM 8-10sp, Shimano 11sp Mountain cassette compatible
  • Made in Asheville, NC USA
item # f/r axle/spacing (mm) hole color weight in stock?
DetailsXN-6135 front 9x135 FDS QR 32h black 193g YES
DetailsXN-6250 front 15x150 TA 32h black 193g YES
DetailsXN-6139 rear (HG 8-11sp)* 10x190 QR 32h black 353g YES
DetailsXN-6240 front 15x150 TA 32h red 193g YES
DetailsXN-6241 rear (HG 8-11sp)* 12x177 TA 32h red 316g NO
DetailsXN-6132 rear (XD) Hydra 12x197 TA 32h black 353g YES
DetailsXN-6134 rear (HG 8-11sp)* 12x197 TA 32h red 353g YES
DetailsXN-6242 front 15x150 TA 32h silver 193g YES
DetailsXN-6243 rear XD 12x177 TA 32h silver 316g YES