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Wolf Tooth Replacement Axles
  • Replacement front axles that are light weight, easy to use, and looks great
  • Uses a captive steel washer under the head to reduce friction on the fork leg to transfer more of the tightening torque to clamping load for a stiffer interface as well as preventing sticking or galling when removed
  • Use a 6mm hex key for install and removal
item # Description color in stock?
DetailsWQ-8400 RockShox 15x100mm black YES
DetailsWQ-8402 RockShox 15x100mm blue YES
DetailsWQ-8404 Fox 15x100mm black YES
DetailsWQ-8406 Fox 15x100mm blue YES
DetailsWQ-8410 RockShox 15x110mm black NO
DetailsWQ-8412 RockShox 15x110mm blue YES
DetailsWQ-8414 Fox 15x110mm black YES
DetailsWQ-8416 Fox 15x110mm blue NO
DetailsWQ-8420 Road 15x100mm black YES
DetailsWQ-8422 Road 15x100mm red YES
DetailsWQ-8424 Road 15x100mm blue YES