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Reverse Escape Pro Pedals    
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Reverse Escape Pedals    
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SDG Slater Platform Pedals    
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Spank Spike Pedals    
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Spank Oozy Trail Pedals
  • Superlight, ultra thin (12mm) forged, CNC machined body
  • Chamfered leading and side edges for improved cornering clearance
  • Hollow taper scandium enriched CrMo axle
  • Oversized inboard sealed cartridge bearing combined with outboard IGUS bushing
  • 9 adjustable stainless steel pins per side
  • CNC machined logos
  • 100 x 100 x 12mm
item # spindle size color weight in stock?
  SP-6051 CrMo 9/16" black 360g YES
Spank Spoon Pedals    
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Spank Spoon DC Pedals    
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Supacaz Krypto DH Pedals new  
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