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Crank Brothers Pedal Service Parts
Crank Brothers Pin Kits    
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Deity Platform Pedals
Deity TMAC Pedals    
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Deity Bladerunner Pedals    
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Deity Black Kat Pedals    
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Deity Deftrap Pedals new  
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Deity Compound Pedals    
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Deity Pedal Service Parts
Deity Pedal Service Parts
  • Replacement spindles, pins, rebuild kits and tools for Deity pedals
  • Spindles come either right-side or left-side (sold individually)
  • Pin kits replace pins on one pedal. Purchase 2 kits for a pair of pedals.
item # description in stock?
  DY-9000 Decoy spindle, right YES
  DY-90001 Decoy spindle, left YES
  DY-9001 Compound spindle, right YES
  DY-90011 Compound spindle, left YES
  DY-9003 Decoy pin kit, 1 pedal NO
  DY-9004 Compound pin kit, 1 pedal YES
  DY-9005 Bladerunner pin kit, 1 pedal YES
  DY-9006 TMAC pin kit, 1 pedal YES
  DY-9007 Decoy/Compound rebuild kit, 1 pedal YES
  DY-9008 Bladerunner/TMAC rebuild kit, pair NO
includes spindle and bearings needed for a rebuild of both pedals in the set. Pins not included
Delta Toeclips & Straps
Delta Foot Fenders    
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