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Paul SRAM Shifter Adapter    
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Reverse Trigger Clamp
  • Pimp your bike with clamps for SRAM trigger shifters (X7, X9, X0, XX, XX1)
  • Also ideal for mounting Reverse/Bike Yoke Triggy dropper remote
  • 11g
item # color in stock?
  RV-4771 black YES
  RV-4772 white YES
  RV-4773 light blue YES
  RV-4774 blue YES
  RV-4775 red NO
  RV-4776 candy YES
  RV-4777 purple YES
  RV-4778 light green YES
  RV-4779 green NO
  RV-4780 orange YES
  RV-4781 gold YES
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