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ACS Freewheel Removal Tools
  • AM-5200: specific tool for ACS Crossfire freewheels, fits over both 3/8" and 14mm axles
  • AM-5201: spanner wrench for Crossfire and universal 4-slot freewheels
  • AM-5203: specific to Paws, Paws HD, Paws 4.1 and grey Southpaw freewheels. A reinforcement ring inside the prongs allows firm centering and maximum torque. Tool is NOT compatible with CLAWS, SHIMANO, and some other freewheels
  • AM-5205: universal 4-prong that fit Claws, Fat, Southpaw, Shimano, Dicta, and other 4-slot freewheels
item # description in stock?
  AM-5201 spanner for Crossfire and universal 4-slot YES
  AM-5200 all Crossfire models NO
  AM-5203 4-prong universal (Claws/Southpaw/Shimano/Dicta) NO
  AM-5205 4-prong universal (Claws/Southpaw/Shimano/Dicta) NO