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Industry Nine Matchstix Integrated Multi Tool
  • Integrated into your 15mm front thru bolt (Fox and Rock Shox), the MatchStix handle seconds as a chain breaker, 5mm hex, spoke tool and the bit receiver all in one
  • 4 of the 6 stainless steel bits slide into the sleeve, and nestle into the thru bolt
  • The bit holder end pulls double duty as a valve core remover, bit receiver for the chain break screw and as a chain link holder
  • Each Matchstix comes with chain breaker handle, Thru bolt, bit sleeve, 6 stainless bits (3,4,6,2.5,2mm and T25) *5mm bit is integrated into the handle
  • Comes with 1.5mm washer installed, 3mm washer is a recommended replacement for FOX 36 forks. Install with groove facing out
  • Manufacturer dropship usually available for color requests
item # fits spacing color in stock?
  XN-1200 Fox 15x100mm black YES
  XN-1210 Fox 15x110mm Boost black YES
  XN-1220 RockShox 15x100mm black YES
  XN-1230 RockShox 15x110mm Boost black YES