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Unior Pedal Tap/Bushing Kit
  • For repairing/replacing 9/16" pedal threads in alloy cranks
  • Specially designed, oversized 5/8" pedal taps prepare damaged threads for 9/16" bushing/insert installation
  • Kit includes 1) right and 1) left 5/8"x24tpi crank/pedal taps, and 6) right and 6) left crankarm inserts (additional inserts available separately)
item # description side in stock?
  LD-29900 pedal tap/bushing kit, 5/8"-9/16" kit (left/right) YES
  LD-29934 pedal tap, 5/8"-9/16" right YES
  LD-29935 pedal tap, 5/8"-9/16" left YES
  LD-29931 pedal insert/bushing, 5/8"-9/16" right NO
  LD-29932 pedal insert/bushing, 5/8"-9/16" left YES