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  • Stainless steel bleed nipples and seals to ensure a perfect tight fit and longevity of the components
  • Turn lock syringes and tubing prevent blow off when under pressure
  • Universal kit includes: Turn-Lock Syringes x 2, Standard Syringes x 2, Bleed Adapters with lock out feature x 8, Velcro Tie. x 1, Pair Of Latex Gloves x 1, Bleed Block x 2, Rubber O-rings x 10, 1mm Allen Key x 1, 2mm Allen Keys x 1, Torx Head wrench x 1
  • M2 kit includes: Turn-Lock Syringes X 2, Bleed Adapters with lock out feature X 2, Pair Latex Gloves X 1
item # description mineral oil compatibility in stock?
  CW2070 workshop bleed kit not included universal (that's alot) YES
  CW2072 M2 bleed kit not included Clarks M2 YES