Gravelking 700c Tires

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Panaracer Gravelking 700c Tire
  • Road training/gravel tire with anti-flat casing
  • File tread on 26c-38c standard models available
  • SK model treads have center blocks and raised shoulders
  • TC: tubeless compatible models
  • Long lasting, all-conditions Zero Slip Grip (ZSG) natural rubber
  • Supple AX-a cord (Advanced Extra Alpha) combined the ZSG enables low rolling resistance
item # model width bead color weight in stock?
DetailsPA-7190 700c 26c folding black 240g YES
DetailsPA-7192 700c 28c folding black 270g YES
DetailsPA-7184 700c 32c folding black 290g YES
DetailsPA-7186 700c TC 38c folding black 320g YES
DetailsPA-7133 700c 38c folding green/brown 320g YES
DetailsPA-7134 700c 38c folding blue/brown 320g YES
DetailsPA-7193 700c SK 32c folding black 320g YES
DetailsPA-7194 700c SK TC 35c folding black 380g YES
DetailsPA-7196 700c SK TC 38c folding black 440g YES
DetailsPA-7197 700c SK TC 38c folding black/brown 440g YES
DetailsPA-7148 700c SK TC 38c folding green/brown 440g YES
DetailsPA-7149 700c SK TC 38c folding blue/brown 440g YES
DetailsPA-7198 700c SK TC 43c folding black 490g YES
DetailsPA-7199 700c SK TC 43c folding black/brown 490g YES
DetailsPA-7150 700c SK TC 43c folding green/brown 490g YES
DetailsPA-7151 700c SK TC 43c folding blue/brown 490g YES