Lilly Lube Lilly Lube Chain Lube, 16oz Drip ORMD

BTI part #: LU2000
UPC: 799975942094
size: 16oz
package: each

  • Must setup on chain for at least 8 hours for best performance. Wipe completely dry after application
  • Contains proprietary additives that reduce friction including EP (Extreme Pressure) additives for superior film strength
  • Cleans every time you use it
  • Petroleum based lubricant with no added scents or dyes
  • Performs equally well in both wet and dry conditions
  • Made in the USA
  • Lilly Lube was ranked the #1 (non wax based) chain lube - Velo Magazine "Hunting for Speed, searching for the fastest lubes on the planet"
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