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Rear Shock Springs & Parts
Enduro Rear Shock Needle Bearing Kits
  • Needle bearing kits for replacing rear shock eyelet bushings
  • Fits 15mm eyelets
  • 3rd party web sales (eBay, Amazon, etc.) are strictly prohibited by the manufacturer
item # bolt size frame mount in stock?
DetailsAB-9903 M6 21.85mm YES
DetailsAB-99035 M6 21.9mm YES
DetailsAB-9904 M6 22.2mm YES
DetailsAB-9906 M6 25.4mm YES
DetailsAB-9915 M6 41.2mm YES
DetailsAB-9920 M6 49.8mm YES
DetailsAB-9926 M8 19.0mm YES
DetailsAB-9927 M8 21.85mm YES
DetailsAB-99275 M8 21.9mm YES
DetailsAB-9928 M8 22.2mm NO
DetailsAB-9931 M8 25.4mm YES
DetailsAB-9932 M8 28.0mm YES
DetailsAB-9933 M8 30.0mm YES
DetailsAB-9936 M8 35.0mm YES
DetailsAB-9937 M8 37.6mm YES
DetailsAB-99375 M8 39.9mm YES
DetailsAB-9938 M8 41.2mm YES
DetailsAB-9940 M8 45.7mm YES