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Chain Tools
Birzman Link Pliers    
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Crank and Bottom Bracket Tools
Birzman Shimano BB Socket    
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Birzman E-Bike Lockring Sockets
  • Lockring sockets for various E-Bike drive units
  • Constructed from CNC machined alloy steel
  • 1/2" drive compatible
item # description compatibility in stock?
  BM-9281 Shimano Steps socket, 16 notch - 39mm lockrings Shimano Steps E6000 drive units YES
  BM-9280 Shimano Steps socket, 16 notch - 54mm lockrings Shimano Steps E5000/E7000/E8000 drive units YES
  BM-9285 Bosch socket, 8 notch - 43mm lockrings Bosch Active Line/Plus (MY 2017 and onwards) YES
Birzman Pin Wrench    
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