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Skin Care
Brave Soldier Crash Paks
  • Contains everything you need to effectively treat a common road rash injury immediately after crashing
  • Properly treat up to 4 wounds with this lightweight, resealable, and waterproof kit
  • Includes: antiseptic ointment, (2)-4"x3" non-adhering wound dressing, (2)-3"x3" general use surgical sponges, (2)-6" stretch net burn gauze, (2)-4"x2" bandages, (2)-1"X3" bandages, (2) butterfly cut closures, (2) betadine antiseptic pads, (2) antiseptic towelettes, (2) Advil Pain Relief Tablets, Road Rash Treatment guide
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DetailsBS-1014 road rash kit 1oz YES