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Frame Protectors
Ground Keeper Fenders
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Ground Keeper Long Fenders
  • A longer version than the original offering even more coverage and protection. Almost 5" of coverage on the front and an additional inch on the rear.
  • Keeps your face clean and keeps you smiling longer
  • Fits most mountain bike wheel size and fork combinations
  • Comes with black zip ties for easy installation and removal
  • Made in the USA
  • Third party online sales strictly prohibited by manufacturer
item # color finish in stock?
  GK1500 Cyberwave matte YES
  GK1501 Space Ferns matte YES
  GK1502 Mud Rug matte YES
  GK1503 Oil Slick matte YES
  GK1504 Space Cadet green matte YES
  GK1505 Space Cadet blue matte YES
  GK1506 Space Cadet amber matte YES
  GK1507 Abalone matte YES
  GK1508 Wild Thang matte YES
  GK1510 Ride or Dye matte YES
  GK1511 Terrazzo light matte YES
  GK1512 Terrazzo dark matte YES
  GK1513 En Fuego matte YES
  GK1514 Helium matte YES
  GK1515 Maze Runner Earth matte YES
  GK1516 Maze Runner Fire matte YES
  GK1517 Maze Runner Wind matte YES
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