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Platform Pedals
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Chromag Radar Pedals
  • Created for the young rippers that will benefit from a pedal with a platform shape to fit kid's feet in the age range of approximately 4-10 years old
  • Constructed with the same precision axle and bearing system as the Contact and Scarab models for smooth running and long durability
  • Fully serviceable and re-buildable
  • Features a lightweight extrusion design with custom pins and unique concave platform shape
  • Compact 70 x 93mm platform
  • HR-7430B has a small scratch on the center beam from shipping
item # spindle size color weight in stock?
DetailsHR-7431 CrMo 9/16" black 300g NO
DetailsHR-7434 CrMo 9/16" blue 300g NO
DetailsHR-7435 CrMo 9/16" red 300g NO
DetailsHR-7437 CrMo 9/16" neon orange 300g NO
DetailsHR-7439 CrMo 9/16" purple 300g NO
DetailsHR-7439B CrMo 9/16" purple 300g YES
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Pedal Service Parts
Chromag Pedal Service Parts    
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