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Disc Rotors
Hayes Rotors and Rotor Bolts
  • Prime 2-piece rotors are for Prime Pro and Expert brakes only
  • L-series, lightweight one piece rotors
  • V-cut profile steel rotors for optimum weight-to-performance ratio. Increased surface area over previous designs increases power while cutouts and drillings help keep pads clean
  • Rotors includes: (1) 6-bolt/44mmBCD rotor, (1) Torx wrench, and (6) T-25 rotor mounting bolts with thread retaining compound
  • 205g @ 203mm
item # model description size in stock?
  HY-8708 D-6 Dominion (1.95mm thickness) 160mm YES
  HY-8710 D-7 Dominion (1.95mm thickness) 180mm YES
  HY-8712 D-8 Dominion (1.95mm thickness) 203mm YES
  HY-8724 L-5 lightweight rotor kit 140mm YES
  HY-8725 L-6 lightweight rotor kit 160mm YES
  HY-8726 L-7 lightweight rotor kit 180mm YES
  HY-8736 V-6 rotor kit 160mm YES
  HY-8737 V-7 rotor kit 180mm NO
  HY-8738 V-8 rotor kit 203mm YES
  HY-8752 Hayes Torx-T25 rotor bolts 12/pack YES
Brake Fluid
Hayes DOT-5.1 Brake Fluid    
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Hayes DOT-4 Brake Fluid    
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Disc Brake Tools
Hayes Brake Tools    
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