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Muc-Off E-Bike Wet Lube    
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Muc-Off Bio Wet Chain Lube    
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Muc-Off Bio Dry Chain Lube    
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Muc-Off -50C Chain Lube    
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Muc-Off E-Bike All Weather Lube
  • A high performance synthetic chain lube specifically designed for the hi-torque loads applied to an E-Bike chain
  • For long distance all weather on and/or off-road riding
  • Third party online retailers must be preapproved by manufacturer
item # description size in stock?
  MO-4092    HAZMAT item: cannot
be shipped by air
E-Bike all weather lube 400ml YES
Tire & Tube Tools
Muc-Off Rim Stix coming soon  
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Tire Sealant
Tubeless Accessories
Muc-Off Tubeless Valve Stem new  
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