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Rear Shock Springs & Parts
MRP Coil Spring Spacer Kits
  • Spring spacer kits include two spacers (top and bottom of each spring)
  • Long spring spacers are for additional preload
  • See fitment chart for specific sizing needs
item # description shock fit spring fit in stock?
  MP-8650 Hazzard A MRP Hazzard 216, 230mm lengths only Enduro SL (see notes) YES
for shock strokes from 63-65mm with spring rates at or under 425lbs, and shock strokes from 57.5-60mm with spring rates at or under 375lbs.
  MP-8652 Hazzard B MRP Hazzard Standard steel NO
  MP-8656 Rockshox Kage, Vivid, SuperDeluxe Coil Enduro SL or Progressive NO
* Compatible with all Enduro SL springs. Spacers may not be required for some spring rates. Incompatible with 500+ and 550+ Progressive Springs
**Certain rates of Enduro SL and Progressive Springs may not need spacers for some sizes. In some cases however, one or both spacers may be required to increase the effective length of the spring and accommodate the maximum amount of allowable spring preload. Measure your shock and consult spring length and spacer height data to verify necessity
  MP-8658 Fox RC4, DHX2 Enduro SL or Progressive YES
  MP-8660 Cane Creek DB Coil, Inline Coil Enduro SL or Progressive NO