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Dropper Seatposts
PNW Components Pine 27.2 Dropper Post
  • 3-year warranty retroactively covering all PNW Components dropper posts
  • Specialliy designed for bikes with a 27.2mm seatpost size and needing external cable routing
  • Utilizes a coil spring for consistent performance and easy maintenance
  • Options available with remote lever made to be mounted on 24mm road style drop bars or a thumb lever for mountain bars
  • Utilizes a lightweight sealed cartridge that controls the damping of the post for consistent performance time after time
  • two bolt head with tilt adjust
item # travel/drop diameter length lever color in stock?
DetailsQP-2700 105mm 27.2mm 400mm 24mm drop bar black YES
DetailsQP-2704 105mm 27.2mm 400mm thumb black YES
PNW Components Cascade Externally Routed Seatpost    
2 choices — Currently out of stock
Seatpost Parts & Shims
PNW Puget Dropper Post Lever    
2 choices — Currently out of stock
Mtn/Road/BMX Stems