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Ritchey Skyline Saddle
new Margin Booster
  • Features an ergonomic curve to support the sit bones and a generous cutout to relieve perineal pressure
  • Padding is made from a lightweight polyurethane foam material that is 30% more shock absorbent than traditional foam
  • Features a curved two-axis shape that brings a rise towards the rear of the saddle and a bit of lift to the nose
  • Unique manufacturing technology adheres the saddle cover to the base without any visible seams, glue, stitching or staples
item # model rails top color LxW (mm) weight in stock?
  RC-3992   new   WCS stainless steel synthetic black 275x145 227g YES
  RC-3993   new   WCS CrMo synthetic black 275x145 265g NO