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Ritchey Skyline Saddle    
5 choices
Ritchey Streem Saddle
  • Thin layer of lightweight padding for XC and Road riding
  • Available in two widths 132mm or 145mm
  • Low profile design and narrow carbon fiber injected shell for stiffness and lightweight (WCS)
  • Vector wing suspends (standard 7mm) rails for reduced vibration
item # model rails top color LxW (mm) weight in stock?
DetailsRC-3943 WCS CrN-Ti microfiber black 279x132 200g YES
DetailsRC-3948 WCS CrN-Ti microfiber white 279x132 200g NO
DetailsRC-3944 WCS CrN-Ti microfiber black 279x145 210g YES
DetailsRC-3945 Comp steel vinyl black 279x132 250g YES
DetailsRC-3946 Comp steel vinyl black 279x145 260g YES
Ritchey Classic Saddle    
2 choices
Ritchey Trail Saddle    
2 choices