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26" Tires
Tannus Airless 26" Tires    
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650c / 700c / 27" Tires
Tannus Airless 700c Tires
  • Made using patented puncture proof resin called Aither 1.1 that allows the tire to replicate the weight and resistance of a standard tire and be the only airless bicycle tire to weigh the same as the standard tire, tube, and rim-strip combination
  • Provides a guaranteed 5000 miles of flat proof riding
  • Excels in wet conditions with increased grip and also offers no stretching in the heat
  • Includes 3 sets of locking installation pins and a S-Tool
  • Measure rim width precisely to ensure correct tire fit
  • Please see for installation instructions
item # model rim width width weight in stock?
  TD-3000 New Slick 16-18mm inner 25mm 380g YES
  TD-3010 Portal 18-20mm inner 28mm 390g YES
  TD-3020 Shield 18-20mm inner 32mm 400g YES
Tube Care
Tannus Armour    
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