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Wheel Skewers & Frame Axles
Woodman Gator-SL Ti Quick Release Skewers
  • Superlight quick release with CNC 6061-T6 aluminum lever and titanium shaft
  • 130mm rear for Road, 135mm rear for MTB
item # shaft wheel spacing color weight in stock?
DetailsWN-8041 titanium front/rear 100/130mm black 61g/set YES
DetailsWN-8043 titanium front/rear 100/130mm red 61g/set YES
DetailsWN-8045 titanium front/rear 100/135mm black 63g/set YES
DetailsWN-8046 titanium front/rear 100/135mm blue 63g/set YES
DetailsWN-8047 titanium front/rear 100/135mm red 63g/set YES