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27.5" (650b) Rims
WTB KOM Light TCS 2.0 27.5" Disc Rim
  • WTB's lightest alloy rim employs an open cavity design
  • Sturdy AL6069 alloy produces rims strong enough for daily hammering on a trail bike
  • Updated spoke bed provides a more congruent interface between nipple and rim
  • TCS 2.0 rims deliver WTB's easiest to mount and most reliable tubeless system
  • WTB Solid Strip is included with rim and provides a smooth surface between tire and rim. It also prevents a broken spoke from puncturing the tubeless system and losing air
  • TCS tape is also required for tubeless set up
item # size/model internal/external holes ERD color weight in stock?
DetailsWT-2302 27.5" i25 Light 25/29mm 32h 566mm black 423g YES
DetailsWT-2303 27.5" i29 Light 29/33mm 32h 567mm black 476g YES
DetailsWT-2304 27.5" i35 Light 35/39mm 32h 568mm black 541g YES
DetailsWT-2305 27.5" i40 Light 40/44mm 32h 574mm black 560g YES
29" Rims
WTB Asym TCS 29" Rim    
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