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Picky Bars
  • Great for athletes, workouts, or snack attacks and made from real food with no artificial ingredients
  • 4:1 carbohydrate protein ratio is ideal for recovery and maximizes absorption of nutrients
  • Gluten, dairy, and soy free to aid in easy digestion and for those with dietary intolerances
item # flavor package in stock?
  YP-0999 Chai and Catch Me 10/box YES
  YP-1000 All-In Almond 10/box YES
  YP-1001 Blueberry Boomdizzle 10/box YES
  YP-1003 Ah, Fudge Nuts! 10/box YES
  YP-1004 Lauren's Mega Nuts 10/box YES
  YP-1005 Need for Seed 10/box YES
  YP-1006 Smooth Caffeinator (contains organic coffee) 10/box NO
  YP-1007 Moroccan Your World (tumeric, ginger, pistachio) 10/box YES