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Avid/SRAM Caliper Parts
  • Service parts for Avid hydraulic disc brake calipers
  • Caliper hardware kits do not include banjo fitting (use tubing kit or separate banjo/banjo-nut depending on application)
  • Most kits are for (1) caliper (except where noted)
  • If service parts are no longer listed for specific brake model, substitute complete caliper replacement of newer generation (i.e. 2007 Code)
item # model description package in stock?
  AV5576 Elixir-CR+Mag/R/9/7,XO,Trail 7/9/XO,Guide banjo fitting kit, aluminum (black) each YES
  AV5563 Elixir-CR/9/7, '10/11 Elixir-R, '11/12 XO caliper hardware kit (stainless T25) set YES
  AV5574 '11-14 Code 'G3', Code-R caliper hardware kit (steel) set YES
  AV6852 '09-12 Elixir (all), '10-12 XX+WC, '11/12 XO pad retraction spring pair YES