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Hayes Brake Disc Brakes
Hayes Dominion SFL Two Piston Disc Brake
Margin Booster
  • High performance brake utilizes a compact, two-piston caliper making it ideal for XC and trail riders
  • Small Freaking Lever (SFL) is designed specifically for riders with smaller hands
  • Low-effort lever input (LoFi) for excellent braking feel and control
  • QuickBite2 specific pad compounds paired with the Hayes D-series rotors deliver fast, consistent braking performance across all temperature and speed conditions
  • Hayes K2 hose is constructed from woven Kevlar to provide the stiffest hose possible for maximum power transmission
  • Uses DOT 5.1 brake fluid due to its high boiling point and consistency
  • *Rotors and adapters sold separately, USE part# HY-8708/10/12
item # kit caliper rotor color weight in stock?
  HY4888 front 74mm separate* black/bronze 300g YES
  HY4889 rear 74mm separate* black/bronze 310g YES
  HY4890 front 74mm separate* black/grey 300g YES
  HY4891 rear 74mm separate* black/grey 310g YES
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