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Kogel Bearings BB30 Bottom Brackets
  • High quality hybrid ceramic bearings and specially designed cups for the smoothest and longest lasting bottom brackets available
  • BB30-24: fits all 24mm spindles on a BB30 frame and includes step-down 2-piece non-drive side reducer for use on GXP spindles. See included instructions for spacer and reducer configurations (alloy cups)
  • Use KB6806x for BB30 bearings only (no cups)
  • Choose (Road) for low friction designed for Road use, or (Cross) for weather resistant seals designed for MTB, Cyclocross, or Commuting use
  • 2 year warranty with annual bearing service. See KB009*
item # model interface shell width color in stock?
  KB4300 BB30-DUB SRAM DUB BB30 68/73mm black YES