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Kogel Bearings T47 Bottom Brackets
Margin Booster
  • High quality hybrid ceramic bearings for the smoothest and longest lasting bottom brackets available
  • While Trek T47 bottom brackets are 1mm narrower than standard 86.5mm wide T47 shells, this falls well within the adjustment range of any crank set. The same bottom bracket can be used for both setups
  • All Kogel Bearings T47 ceramic bottom brackets can be installed with Enduro TorqTite-compatible tool
  • 24/GXP version ncludes step-down 2-piece non-driveside reducer for use on GXP spindles. See included instructions for spacer and reducer configurations (alloy cups)
  • 2 year warranty with annual bearing service. See KB-009x
item # model interface shell width color in stock?
  KB4950 T47 internal 24mm/GXP (road) 24mm GXP/Shimano T47 86.5mm black YES
  KB4954 T47 external 28.99mm/DUB (road) SRAM DUB T47 68/73mm black YES
  KB4955 T47 external 24mm/GXP (road) 24mm GXP/Shimano T47 68mm black YES