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Race Face Cinch Spindles & Spacers
  • For Race Face 30mm Cinch System cranks only
  • Allows switching crank arms between bikes, such as a FatBike and an XC MTB
  • Use RF-2999 for 8mm to 16mm hex wrench adapter to remove spindle
item # description in stock?
  RF29642 spindle kit, 68/73mm BB, 136mm wide YES
  RF29643 spindle kit, 143.5mm NO
  RF29651 spindle kit, 100mm BB, 170/177mm rear spacing NO
  RF2966 spindle kit, 100mm BB, 190mm rear spacing NO
  RF29672 SIXC spindle kit, 83mm BB YES
  RF2968 spacer for 30mm Cinch models, 2.5mm YES
  RF2969 1.5mm spacer, sleeve, BB92 YES
Spacer to change cup width on BB92 spec BB shells, so BB86.5, BB107, and BB124.5. 35.1mm ID