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Gates Carbon Drive CDX CenterTrack Front Sprocket
  • Superlight machined aluminum sprocket with CenterTrack guide ridge
  • Available in two standard bolt circle configurations to fit most cranks, with specific version for Shimano Di2 specific chainline offset and tandem specific drivetrains
  • Compatible only with CDX CenterTrack belts
  • Visit or download the Gates Carbon Drive iPhone app for drivetrain calculations and tension analysis
item # BCD teeth in stock?
  BD2291 104mm 39t YES
  BD2346 104mm 42t YES
  BD2361 104mm 46t YES
  BD2363 104mm 50t YES
  BD2365 104mm 55t YES
  BD2381 130mm 46t YES
  BD2501 130mm 50t NO
  BD2551 130mm 55t YES
  BD2503 130mm 60t YES
  BD2505 130mm 70t YES
  BD2521 130mm Di2 50t YES
  BD2522 130mm Di2 55t YES
  BD2523 130mm Di2 60t YES
  BD2580 130mm tandem 66t NO
  BD2581 130mm tandem 69t YES
  BD2582 130mm tandem 74t YES