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Gates Carbon Drive CDN CenterTrack Belt
coming soon
  • Patented carbon cords offer the tensile strength necessary to provide the smooth, greaseless, long lasting ride advantage of a belt driven system (up to double the life of chains)
  • Belt is only compatible with Gates CenterTrack cogs and sprockets
  • The CDN belt is for urban, casual rider usage. The CDX version is the best choice for long-distance, rugged off-road cycling applications
  • For belt sizing chart and other info (can use the same belt for gearing changes up to a max of 4 teeth) visit
  • Important: Frames must have a split or opening to allow the belt to loop through the rear drive-side triangle - design varies by frame builder
item # teeth length color in stock?
  BD4411   soon   111t 1221mm black NO
  BD4413   soon   113t 1243mm black NO
  BD4415   soon   115t 1265mm black NO
  BD4418   soon   118t 1298mm black NO
  BD4420   soon   120t 1320mm black NO
  BD4422   soon   122t 1342mm black NO
  BD4425   soon   125t 1375mm black NO
  BD4428   soon   128t 1408mm black NO
  BD4430   soon   130t 1430mm black NO
  BD4432   soon   132t 1452mm black NO