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Soma Flat Bars
Soma Odin Bar
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Soma Riser Bars
Soma Dream Hi-Rise Riser Bar
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Soma Eagle Bar
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Soma Osprey Bar
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Soma Oxford Bar
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Soma Sparrow Bar
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  • Tange aluminum makes for a great narrowish touring/townie bar
  • Compatible with MTB grips and shifters
  • Can be used flipped as a riser bar or down for a less upright position
item # clamp dia. rise width color in stock?
  SF1247 25.4mm 50mm 495mm black YES
  SF1246 25.4mm 50mm 495mm silver YES
  SF1249 25.4mm 50mm 520mm black YES
  SF1248 25.4mm 50mm 520mm silver YES
  SF1252 25.4mm 50mm 560mm black YES
  SF1250 25.4mm 50mm 560mm silver YES