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Vuelta Headset Spacers
Vuelta Aluminum Headset Spacers
  • Machined aluminum spacers for tuning bar and stem height, no logos
item # ID size color package in stock?
  VL4300 1" 2.5mm black 10/bag NO
  VL4302 1" 2.5mm silver 10/bag NO
  VL4304 1" 5mm black 10/bag YES
  VL4306 1" 5mm silver 10/bag NO
  VL4308 1" 10mm black 10/bag YES
  VL4310 1" 10mm silver 10/bag NO
  VL4312 1" 20mm black 5/bag YES
  VL4314 1" 20mm silver 5/bag YES
  VL4321 1-1/8" 2.5mm black 10/bag NO
  VL4323 1-1/8" 2.5mm silver 10/bag YES
  VL4325 1-1/8" 5mm black 10/bag NO
  VL4327 1-1/8" 5mm silver 10/bag YES
  VL4329 1-1/8" 10mm black 10/bag NO
  VL4331 1-1/8" 10mm silver 10/bag NO
  VL4333 1-1/8" 20mm black 5/bag NO
  VL4335 1-1/8" 20mm silver 5/bag NO
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