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HT X2 Clipless Pedals
  • Larger platform aluminum body with 2-sided clipless mechanism for DH/AM use
  • Low profile machined aluminum platform
  • Triple sealed bearings with DU bushing
  • Adjustable cleat engage/release tension on each side
  • X1 4d & 8d cleats, replaceable pins and hardware included
  • 85 x 94 x 14mm
item # spindle size color weight in stock?
  HX2513 CrMo 9/16" oil slick 460g NO
  HX2512 CrMo 9/16" stealth black 460g NO
  HX2514 CrMo 9/16" royal blue 460g NO
  HX2515 CrMo 9/16" red 460g NO
  HX2516 CrMo 9/16" apple green 460g YES
  HX2517 CrMo 9/16" purple 460g NO
  HX2518 CrMo 9/16" orange 460g NO
  HX2519 CrMo 9/16" gold 460g NO
HT X2-SX Clipless Pedals
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