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WTB Pure Saddle
Margin Booster
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WTB Koda Saddle
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WTB Deva Saddle
Margin Booster
  • Designed to suit the female form, without the presence of flowers or pink butterflies. So incredibly comfortable that even the manliest men are able to look past the women’s-specific label
  • Mid-width and short saddle is suited for all mountain bike disciples and can easily cross over to riding the road
  • Comfort Zone cut-out and Love Channel for soft tissue relief
  • Aramid corners
  • Titanium: flex-tuned shell and DNA padding
  • CroMoly: flex-tuned shell and HLX+Gel padding
  • Steel: flex-tuned shell and DNA-X padding
item # model rails top color LxW (mm) weight in stock?
  WT6074 medium titanium titanium microfiber black 260x145 193g NO
  WT6076 medium cromoly CrMo microfiber black 260x145 275g NO
  WT6078 medium steel steel microfiber black 260x145 305g NO