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WTB Pure Saddle
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WTB Speed Saddle
Margin Booster
  • WTB's best-selling saddle utilizes shock absorbing, dual compound Soft-Shell base to provide unparalleled comfort at an excellent value. Supportive padding and mid dimensions make for a near fool-proof favorite at a don't-think-about-it-twice price
  • Mid-size dimensions and a neutral shape ensure that the Speed works for a wide range of riders.
  • Comfort Zone cut-out and Love Channel for soft tissue relief
  • Aramid corners
  • CroMoly: soft shell and HLX+Gel padding
  • Steel: soft shell and DNA-X padding
item # model rails top color LxW (mm) weight in stock?
  WT6090 medium cromoly CrMo microfiber black 270x145 305g NO
  WT6092 medium steel steel microfiber black 270x145 370g NO