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Bike Yoke Barkeeper Stem
  • A one-piece design allows for an incredible high strenght-to-weigth ration, but it does cost some compatibility. Not every handlebar will be compatible to the Barkeeper stem
  • Particulary beautiful, an extraordinary strength to weigth ratio are the key features of the Barkeeper stem
  • The cost extensive and highly precise production includes: complex 3D-forging, multi-tempering, CNC machining of critical contact interfaces, shot peening for surface hardening, laser engraving, and anodizing
  • All three available lengths (35mm, 45mm, 55mm) were successfuly tested to match and exceed the requirements for the strongest/higest possible category for mountainbike components (category 5) of DIN EN 17406:2021 and ASTM F2043-13.
  • Rise: 0°; Stack height: 40mm; Clamping width: 50mm; Compatible steerer tubes: 1 1/8"
  • 35mm length: 86g 45mm length: 96g 55mm length: 112g
item # steerer dia. bar dia. rise length color in stock?
  YB6800   new   1-1/8" 35.0mm 0 deg 35mm black YES
  YB6802   new   1-1/8" 35.0mm 0 deg 45mm black YES
  YB6804   new   1-1/8" 35.0mm 0 deg 55mm black YES