Cane Creek eeSilk Stem, (31.8) -6d x 90mm - Black

BTI part #: DC9231
vendor part #: BAJ0070
UPC: 840226076492
model: eeSilk
steerer dia.: 1-1/8"
bar dia.: 31.8mm
rise: -6 deg
length: 90mm
color: black

  • Suspension stem with adjustability
  • More comfort = less fatigue = ride better
  • Soft and firm modes. The switch enables riders to run the stem as soft as they want, with the ability to stiffen the compliance during out of the saddle riding to maximize performance
  • 20mm of tunable compliance via a single bolt external elastomer change
  • 49mm stack
  • Aluminum construction with a 4 bolt faceplate. 225-235g
in stock?: YES